2021 Season Start

The York Revolution’s 2021 Season

Baseball is back! With all the uncertainties and cancellations of the past year, we know you join all of us at the York Revolution in celebrating the return of the great American pastime. There are, of course, still some more blanks to be filled in, but the 2021 picture is coming into focus!

Watch this space for what we know and still need to determine about the exciting return of Revs Time!

· Our season will start on MAY 28! For the exciting and encouraging announcement from the Atlantic League, click here.

· We are very confident we’ll be playing a long and exciting season of baseball at PeoplesBank Park! How confident are we in this coming season? We’ve INSURED it. Click here to read about , the new plan from your hometown team that let’s you buy with confidence!

· We will continue to ensure the health and safety of fans at games and guests at non-game events at PeoplesBank Park. Between the practices we implemented last year and our constant monitoring of the latest updates and recommendations of health care professionals, we are fully prepared to help keep all visitors to PeoplesBank Park safe in 2021 and beyond.

· We are introducing digital tickets for 2021 games! This win-win enables us to stay flexible and further ensure the health and safety of our guests through an easy-to-use, contactless means of both acquiring your tickets and easily sharing them electronically with friends and family members.


· We do not yet have our full 2021 schedule. Factoring in things like the potential growth of our league, the Atlantic League continues to diligently work on a number of possible schedules so one can be announced as soon as it is clear it is the ideal match for all of 2021’s circumstances.

· We do not yet know what the permitted capacity of the seating bowl and skyboxes at PeoplesBank Park will be on Opening Day and how that state-dictated number will increase as the season goes on.

o As of now, our best guess is that we will be subject to a 20% occupancy limit (this is what was in place last fall before the recent winter restrictions). And, of course, that will be overlaid with the need to allow for six-foot distancing.

o We also expect that we will be subject to at least an indoor masking requirement to start the season, and perhaps a requirement that masks be worn as people move about the ballpark and have incidental encounters with other fans.

o We are hopeful that as the summer goes along and vaccine distribution increases, some of these limits and requirements can be eased.

o We have communicated these assumptions and plans to season members, skybox holders, and other interested parties.

·  We don’t know exactly how many teams will be in the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball in 2021. As part of many shakeups in Major League Baseball last year, our friends at the Somerset Patriots and the Sugar Land Skeeters seized on great opportunities to become affiliates of the Yankees and Astros, respectively. That leaves us right now with a core of six teams: the Revs, the High Point Rockers, the Lancaster Barnstormers, the Long Island Ducks, the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs, and the league’s new team in Gastonia, North Carolina – which just unveiled its name – welcome, Honey Hunters! MLB’s shakeup, however, also left some great baseball clubs and many high-caliber players looking for new opportunities – opportunities they may find in the Atlantic League. Stay tuned for potential growth in the first Professional Partner League of Major League Baseball, the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball!